Spice of Life

Our line of spices is designed to provide a nutritional punch, delivering not only essential nutrients, but divine culinary flavor. Spices are the ideal introduction to entomophagy. Make a contribution to the cause with no compromise to your flavor experience because when you give them a chance you find, crickets enliven flavor!

Curry Powder

Use in your favorite curry recipe for an unparalleled flavor profile. A lovely addition to any grain, simply add a couple of tablespoons into the water or broth you cooks your grain. Excellent for spicing quinoa and rice, this source of protein adds tasty to most any dish. Soup, vegetables, poultry and fish, dressings, dips and on.

Add to popcorn to sate your snack craving while boosting to a new flavor plane with large nutritional gain. High in protein and mineral content, this common snack is dressed to impress.


This Mexican inspired mix adds savory flavor and extra protein to veggies, beans and rice, guacamole, stews, sauces etc. Some say it’s spicy, some say not enough. Akin to taco seasoning, this muy sabroso mix cues a fiesta in your mouth.


This original Orchestra Provisions spice is sweet without sugar and is sure to warm your heart and soul. This spice shines when added to any number of dishes including oatmeal, pancakes, granola, muffins, cookies and smoothies.


Delicious in stews and barbeques, this smokey mix adds cajun-inspired flavor to gumbo and hot wings alike. Snack food adores cajun-wings adding extra oomph to popcorn, potato chips, hummus, cheese dips etc. Only your imagination will limit you.


This middle-eastern inspired seasoning is easy to use and always crowd pleasing. Simply sprinkle on a bagel and cream cheese, add to veggies, chicken, marinades and dips galore.


Japan-derived, of course it is a culinary masterpiece. With uplifting citrusy notes, umami gifted dulse and earthy sesame-cricket, this seasoning is completely balanced. Togarashi is quite warming, indeed, and those sensitive to heat may want to proceed slowly! Add a heaping spoonful to your rice and transform simplicity to complex -perfection. A wonderful addition to soups, with an emphasis on miso and ramen. Excellent in brines, dips, cheese balls (why not) and dashed atop an avocado or boiled egg.

Himalayan Sea-Salt

This simple blend is a by-stove must-have! This mix is rich, and possibly the most nutritious sea-salt available! The fusion of nutrient-rich cricket and mineral packed sea-salt is “teaming” with flavor. Delicious and backed with a stout punch of healthy sprinklings, your kitchen can’t be without. This sea-salt truly defines the modern culinary arts. Use as you would any salt mixture, excellent raw and cooked, revealing the pinnacle of any dish’s flavor profile.

Szecuan cracked Pepper

The Szechuan peppercorns are perhaps the most sought-after pepper flavor in professional kitchens today. Climax the pepper experience in your own kitchen by adding this gem to the spice rack collection. This versatile pepper will bring completion to any cooking project, dashing to finish freshly or to root a cooked meal into perfect balance.

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Golden Milk

Unicorn Milk

Protein Powder Line

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