Sichuan Pepper

Sichuan Pepper

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Sichuan has a delightful lemony undertone and lacks the spice of other peppers. There are black peppercorns in this mix, but this pepper is truly above and beyond your standard pepper experience. Sichuan itself is actually the berry of an ash tree indigenous to China accounting for its eclectic taste. Sichuan is famous for the tingling sensation it leaves on on the lips and tongue. Transform simple meals to other-worldly with an easy flick of a spoon.

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The FDA does not require labeling, however we want to encourage those with shellfish allergies to consume with caution. Crickets are similar in biology to shellfish, and may cause reactions in sensitive individuals.

Crickets and most spices sourced organically.

Salt and Sugar free, allowing you to control these to desired levels.

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